We are a team of marketing experts with more than thirty years of experience in detailed knowledge of the sales and purchasing channel of the household appliances sector on a global scale, methods and possibilities of marketing and organization of production, both inside and outside the EU.

Basic goals that guide us through our business career:

  • To offer the user a highly innovative, high-quality, powerful, durable, ergonomically and design-interesting product, which offers the highest level of efficiency and ease of use.
  • Long-term satisfaction and trust of the user in the product and our company.
  • Analysis of market needs and cooperation in the development of new products together with the manufacturer.
  • Mutual respect at all levels of business.

We understand success as the result of a synergy between personal growth and a long-term positive attitude towards the end user and the business partner.

MyStireya d.o.o.

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Matjaž Milavec, Director
Cell: +386 40 418274