Does ANDY turns off automatically if we forget to turn it off?

Yes, after 11 minutes it starts beeping for 1 minute and then turns off automatically.

What to do if steam leaks on the safety cap of the evaporator assembly?

It is necessary to disconnect the appliance from the power supply and contact the Service Center to rectify the fault.

Does iron’s support pad have to cover the safety cap of the evaporator assembly?

Yes, to ensure user’s safety.

Does the iron’s support pad have to be locked so that it is fixed before using the appliance?

Yes, for safety reasons it must be fixed to allow smooth and easy storage of the iron.

Can we put the iron on the rear part of the ironing cover, marked “PARK” for a longer time without damaging the cover?

Yes. This part is intended for this because it is made of high temperature resistant fibers.


Can we iron different types of fabrics with MIMO iron?

Yes, the iron operates in a temperature range between 136 ° C and 158 ° C in which most fabrics with a diverse fiber composition and structure can be ironed.

Does the power of the heater of MIMO iron affect the quality of ironing?

It has no significant effect – it operates in the temperature range between 140 ° C and 170 ° C. Its power is 500 W, while conventional steam irons have a declared power between 1600 W and up to 2700W or even 3000W, which results in significantly higher energy consumption.

Does the MIMO iron enable ironing of clothes at which ironing results in the so-called “shining effect” on the fabric, unless a special Teflon attachment is used?

Yes, it allows because the iron’s soleplate is coated with a special coating that neutralizes this effect.

Does the fabric stay dry after ironing with MIMO iron?

Yes, because the fabric is ironed on heated ironing board and a suitable amount of dry steam is dosed onto the fabric.

Is there a mesh pattern left on the ironed shirt after ironing?

No, because ANDY doesn’t have a built-in metal mesh, but an ironing plate. A simpler approach is recommended, ie ironing on an air cushion where the shirt floats on an inflated ironing cover, so that it is not in contact with the ironing board at all.

Does built-in ironing plate in ANDY oxidize?

No, because it is made of an alloy of Zinc (Zn) and Aluminum (Al).

Is ANDY’s ironing plate heated evenly over its entire surface?

Yes, because it is significantly more massive than metal mesh and because Aluminum is also the best heat conductor.

How long can we iron shirts with MIMO iron, using one filling of steam boiler?

Depending on the individual user, the frequency of individual steam jet emissions and the type of fabric. In  case of ironing of shirts for about 45 to 55 minutes with a low frequency of steam jets.

What is the ideal steam pressure for effective professional ironing?

A pressure of 3 Bar is sufficient. The declared steam pressure in ANDY ironing system is 3.5 Bar.

Can we iron when there is no more water in the steam boiler ?

No, it is not allowed, otherwise, the evaporator assembly of the appliance will be damaged.

Does limescale build up on the heater of the steam boiler, shortening the lifetime of the appliance?

No, because the heater is installed outside the steam boiler and therefore is not in direct contact with water.

Is the steam boiler made of aluminum and therefore has a built-in heater inside and is in direct contact with water, which causes the accumulation of limescale on the heater?

No, boiler is made of two pieces of stainless steel, welded together by a special procedure and has a built-in heater on the outer side which prevents the accumulation of limescale on the heater.

Why should additives or fragrances not be added in the steam boiler ?

Because high temperatures can cause a chemical reaction that prevents all the electrical components of steam boiler to work properly.


Is the amount of released steam (g / min) essential to achieve a good ironing effect?

No. The quality of released steam and the pressure of the steam itself are essential.

Does the percentage of moisture in the steam significantly affect the quality of ironing?

Yes, it is essential for the quality, time, ironing efficiency and the final shape of the ironed clothing.

Does the steam pressure facilitate and speed up ironing and significantly improve the quality of ironing?



Can I use tap water instead of distilled water?

Yes, the possibility of limescale damage is reduced because the heater of steam boiler is not in direct contact with water. In case “AQUA +” bottle, supplied with the appliance and with which you can fill steam boiler is used according to the instructions, the life time of steam boiler assembly  is extended.

Do water drops in certain cases start coming out of the iron before ironing ?

Yes, if we don’t follow the instructions for use and in cases in which the steam has been left after ironing in the steam cannel and in iron, which then condensed into a water state.

How do we find out that there is no more water in the steam boiler ?

Steam does not come out of the ironing plate through the ironing cover or does not come out of the iron.